December, 2006


Hey there, Hi there, Ho there

Thank you for the Christmas cards!  One day Iíll be able to place getting cards out on my list of things to do.  Right now thereís just no room. We just got back from a two week trek in Thailand .  We took the girls and had ourselves a very memorable experience.  We rode elephants, ferries, long tail boats, speed boats, mopeds, jeeps, big planes, little planes, tuk tuks, funny trucks that I donít know the name of, and finally tour vans.  We haggled prices down with the many vendors, we visited many Wats (Buddhist temples), were blessed by a Buddhist monk, got a number of foot massages (itís a big thing there), snorkeled in the PeePee Islands (Rod scuba dived), played on the Beach where the movie ďBeachĒ was filmed, climbed a monster rock wall, survived crossing the streets of Chang Mai, survived driving a moped on the streets of the island of Kosamui, ate at McDonalds, Starbucks and Subway in Chang Mai, had a pizza at a German restaurant prepared and served by the Thai, visited a number of the hill tribes in the Golden Triangle including the Long Neck tribe (they wear rings on their necks to increase the length of their necks), visited the country of Laos, bought an opium pipe in Laos thinking it was either a tea kettle or a vase,  and finally just saw so many amazing things.  Rod is planning on going back this summer with his brother to visit Cambodia .  The girls and I are passing.  Weíre going to go to Disneyland instead.

I Love You