After the Ball was Over

Beautiful Dreamer

Blue Skies

Blue Tail Fly

Cowboy Joe

Darktown Strutters Ball

Dem Bones


Down by the Old

Doughnut Shop

Eddie Gouchie

Hole in the bucket

Hammock Song

Happy Days are Here Again

Heart of My Heart

I Want a Girl

I Wish I was Single Again

Johnson's Mule

Long Long Nail

Long Long Tail

Long Long Trail

Loverly Bunch of Coconuts

Moldy Mary MacMahone

On Top of Old Smokey

Pack up your Troubles

Peggy O'Neil

Pink Elephants

Pink Pajamas

Shine on Harvest Moon

Show Me the Way to Go Home

Silvery Moon

Sipping Cider Through a Straw

Tavern in the Town

You Can't get to Heaven

I am may own Grandpa

I Ride an Old Paint