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Tom and Katie recently visited Germany while in Europe during the summer of 2001 and had the pleasure of visiting with some of the Groebe family living there. Until recently we knew nothing about these family members in Germany. We only knew that Christoph came to the USA in 1865 and settled on a farm near Chicago, Illinois. But about a year ago some of the Groebe's living in Germany found our GroebeFamily web site on the internet and made contact with us via e-mail.

Through them we learned that Christoph had two brothers; Adam who also came to America, and Bernard who stayed in Germany. They lived as children in Westhofen, Germany (near Frankfurt) in the building shown here.  Click on pictures to enlarge.

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Bernard's first wife died and he remarried. Fritz and Ilse of Pfeddersheim, Germany (near Worms, Germany) are pictured here with Tom standing outside of the Worms' Cathedral. Fritz is descended through Bernhard's first wife.

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One of Fritz and Ilse's sons, Gunther, a Dermatologist living in Friedricksdorf, Germany, came to the USA on a business trip in May and while in the Chicago area visited with Ed, Dottie and Doug. He is shown here with Ed.


One day we hope to meet Gunther's brother, Karl Friedrich.

  In September while traveling through Europe Tom and Katie met Ilse and Fritz, also some cousins descended via Bernhard's second wife. There was Fritz and Marianne who run the Groebe Butcher Shop in Biebesheim.

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 Fritz's mother Matilda (Uma)lives with them in Biebesheim.

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Fritz and Marianne have two children; K. F. (Fritz) who runs the Groebe Winery and Annette who is married to Marcus Gewalt.  The Gewalt's have three children named Pamina, Ann-Katherine and Maximillian who are pictured in this photo.

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Tom and Katie had a good time staying with Fritz and enjoyed picking grapes at the Groebe Winery in Westhofen.

 Gunther and K. F. (Fritz) of Germany  and Tom of the USA are fifth cousins. We are excited about learning of our distant cousins and actually having a chance to visit with them face to face. We hope that some day they will be able to visit with us here in America as Gunther did.

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You may wish to contact some of our German relatives at the following e-mail addresses:

Ilse & Fritz at

Gunther at

K. Fritz at