Christmas Greetings from the North Shore!

December 2011

The shorter days find us pulling out the decorations that light up as we come and go in the dark but, as always, we revel in the change of seasons and temperatures that mke us appreciate each and every day.  Our lives continue to be blessed in ways too numberous to count.  

Our family is all healthy and happy - a blessing unto itself.  Robert continues to enjoy Madison and his engineering work with Charter Communications.  He also regularly hosts potluck movie nights at his in home theater and he will be joining us for Christmas.

Scott is still with Thomson Reuters and he is nearing the degree he has been pursuing.  He and Ginger are thriving as parents and both adorable grandchildren blossom under their undivided attention.  Corrina, who will be 6 in January, is enjoying her kindergarten classes, scout group and taking after Papa with a love for reading and eye for editing - catching a typo in a dinosaur book!  Carter is 2 1/2 and all boy with a rapidly growing vocabulary.  We Skype with them regualrly and love staying in touch.  And, we also loved being part of the entourage on Halloween in St. Louis.  As luck would have it, the World's Greatest Aunt Marge Eckstrom (Cindy's father's sister) and cousin Peggy also live in St. Louis, thus our visits are completely family focused and nonstop fun.

Paul and I continue to love our work and lifestyle even in this Most,  Challenging, Ever, economic environment.  Cindy has, at last, been converted to Macintosh with an iPad to help us adapt to the rapidly changing technologies we must master.  Our magazine continues to rack up awards thanks to our talented crew.  We are so blessed with the World's Greatest Team of coworkers who perform miracles every day.  Our wonderful and loyal customers support our endeavors allowing us to continue to create these fun products and jobs.  What could be better than that?  We're determined to stay on top of this game not matter what.

Summer finds us traveling in the region or on the Circle Tour - it is work, honest! - and we are torn between being at our secluded spot on the North Shore with our kitties or enjoying Skipper Sam.  How lucky are we?

We are also blessed with a wonderful circle of extended family and friends that brings such joy and fun to our lives, who are all in our thoughts and hearts as we wish you the very best of the season and a very Happy New Year.

Cindy and Paul