Pink Elephants


Yesterday, a traveling salesman came into my house,

          He was just as shaky, and as nervous as a mouse,

He said I was at a party, we broke up at four,

          When I woke up this morning, this is what I saw:


Pink Elephants on the table, Pink Elephants on the chair,

          Pink Elephants on the sofa, Pink Elephants everywhere,

I hid my head right in the bed and said a prayer,

          When I woke up again, what do you think was there?


Pink Elephants on the ceiling, Pink Elephants on the wall,

          A lavender alligator was runnin’ around the hall,

Now I’m through making whoopee, I raised my hand and swore,

          that I never intend to ever see those Pink Elephants anymore.


Pink Elephants on the window, Pink Elephants on the sill,

          An elephant on the sideboard, was kissin’ a whipper-will,

I saw a monkey dancing with a purple cow,

          The cuckoo came out of the clock and said “MEOW”!,

Pink Elephants on my trousers, Pink Elephants on my coat,

          A polk-a-dot boa constrictor, was shaving a billy goat,

A beetle lay beside me and started into snore,

          Say I never intend to ever see those Pink Elephant anymore.